Top Quality Wooden Lockers for Offices: Buy Direct From Factory.

You will find on this site a range of wooden lockers suitable for offices, call, centres, administrative areas and other dry floor areas. These lockers have integral
plinths and do not require show side panels so are the ideal solution when only a single locker or a few lockers are required.

Because we manufacturer lockers we can easily change the specification or configuration to suit your speific requirements. Telephone us now on 01803 555885 to talk with one of our technical sales team.

However if you're looking for other types of lockers, golf, school, leisure and personal follow the links below.
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Lead Time:
We aim to have your order ready for despatch within 10 working days after receipt of all documentation (non standard lockers excepted)

  • 1815 h x 520d x 300w (mm external dimensions)
    1 Tier, 2 Tier, 3 Tier, 4 Tier, and 5 Tier Lockers
  • All wood lockers not metal lockers with wooden doors
  • Assembled locker bodies. NOT FLATPACK
  • Stand alone units. No expensive end panels
  • Locker body has integral plinth. Ready to position
  • Locker body and locker door in 18mm wood grain effect board with matching ABS edges
  • Sides predrilled for nesting connectors
  • Key retained master keyed cam locks
  • One and two tier lockers fitted with chrome hanging rail & double coat hook

 Prices. All prices are excluding VAT and Delivery.

1 Tier (single door) OFFD1D £154
2 Tier (two door) OFFD2D £191 ►
3 Tier (three door) OFFD3D £233 ►
4 Tier (four door) OFFD4D £277 ►
5 Tier (five door) OFFD5D £357 ►

This offer is made to our General Terms and Conditions. To view - click here.

There are many factors that can affect the outcome and appearance of the installed lockers and as experts we can guide you. The locker bodies are factory assembled (not flat pack) and only need the locks and the doors to be fitted so are easily installed by a person with basic DIY ability. By not fitting the doors and locks we can deliver the lockers to you with a minimum of protective packaging thus re- ducing the packaging and disposal costs.

We do offer a site survey and installation service if required.

How do the office lockers differ from our other lockers?

They are built to the same high quality using 18mm wood grain effect board, but have no visible external fixings so do not require expensive side panels and the lockers have an integrated plinth so can be placed directly on a dry floor.

How easy are they to install?

  • The wood locker bodies come fully assembled with hinge plates attached.
  • The wooden locker doors are ready for the locks to be fitted.
  • The locker hinges are a push in type (no screws required)
  • The wooden locker doors are then ready to fit to the body using the easy to use clip on hinge.

For more detailed information download our Installation Guides :-

How have we achieved these prices without sacrificing quality?

  • By using modern manufacturing techniques
  • By offering a range of units on a supply only basis
  • By not offering site visits, plan preparation and installation thus reducing our operating costs - you buy direct
  • By reducing packaging